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 This is the Home page for the Toddler Talk App within the Mi App website.

  Toddler Talk 

-  the App that helps YOU teach your child to talk

-  even when you're not there

-  make flashcards using device's camera and microphone

-  YOUR voice, YOUR photos

There are two versions of this app

Toddler Talk            

-   Paid app   -  complete functionality, no ads.

Toddler Talk FREE  

-   Free app  -  reduced functionality, ads, upgradable to 'Toddler Talk'

 -  see the 'Toddler Talk FREE' page for

        • more information on 'Toddler Talk FREE'
        • upgrading from 'Toddler Talk FREE' to 'Toddler Talk'





Toddler Talk  allows you to create sets of images with corresponding sounds which your child can scroll through as they are learning to talk. When they tap each image a voice (your's or someone else's) will say the word/s relating to the image.

The App comes with 30 Cards in 3 Sets, but the App can use the device's camera and/or microphone to create new Cards. You can also load in images and/or sounds that you already have to create new Cards.

Using your own voice and familiar images and/or sounds (eg. Mum's Car) will keep your toddler more engaged and interested. You can also delete Cards once they are 'learnt' and add new Cards more appropriate to your toddler's changing vocabulary needs.

Toddler Talk works on both Smartphones and Tablets.

At this stage, Toddler Talk is only available on Android.  


    •  Comes with 30 Cards in 3 Sets (Animals, Numbers, Objects)
    •  Create tailor-made cards using the camera and microphone in your phone/tablet.
    •  Load images that you have already and use these for card images.
    •  Load audio files that you already have and use these for card sounds.
    •  Use your own voice (or familiar others) so your child is more engaged.
    •  Use images familiar to your child (eg. Mums car, your dog, etc) to keep them interested.
    •  'Return-Lock' reduces the chance of your child accidentally exitting
    •  'Volume-Lock' stops your child accidentally turning off or altering the volume 
    •  Create card sets for different topics (eg. Relatives, Friends, Toys)
    •  Arrange the sequence of cards as you wish.
    •  Random selection from all sets is available.
    •  Delete cards once learnt, then add more challenging, relevant cards  ddd

Displaying a Set of Cards

Click on a Set name from the list of Sets or alternatively click the 'Show random Cards from ALL sets' buttton.


the first two cards appear.

If you click the Left image (or Top image) you will hear the associated sound and nothing else happens. If you click the Right image (or Bottom image) then the picture will scroll left (or up), a new card appears and the sound will also be heard.

This way your toddler can click the Left (or Top) image over and over if they need to repeat the sound or they can scroll through by clicking the Right (or Bottom) image.

Once the last Card in the Set is displayed, it will start over.

To exit and go back to the list of sets, click the 'Exit' button, then within 3 seconds click the 'Confirm Exit' button (retunr-lock). 

Return-Lock  and  Volume-Lock

The Return-Lock mechanism will lessen the chance of your toddler accidentally exiting the Card presentation by trapping the 'Back' button. You have to click the 'Exit' button and then 'Confirm Exit' button (within 3 secs) to return to the list of Sets.

The Volume-Lock also stops your toddler from altering or turning off the volume accidentally. You have to alter the volume outside the Card presentation screen. 

Updating Sets

To update the cards in a Set, click the selector button (on the Set List screen) to the left of the Set you would like to alter and then click the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the screen.

The list of cards in that set is shown (see screen below). From here you can -

    • update the sequence of Cards
    • create, delete or modify Cards
    • create new Sets and place Cards in them
    • see at a glance, what is the sequence of Cards within each Set


Go to the other pages in this website which explain this in more detail.  

Creating your own Cards

You can create your own Cards with content that your toddler will find more engaging (eg. Mum's car, Fido, Grandpa's house).

You can either create Cards using the camera and/or microphone of your phone/tablet or you can load images and/or sounds that you have gathered outside this App.

If you are using existing images or sounds these need to be loaded into the 'PICTURES' or 'SOUNDS' folders/directories which get created as part of the App installation. You can then select the image/sound from the drop-down spinners as part of the Card creation process.


Go to the other pages in this website which explain this in more detail.


'PICTURES' and 'SOUNDS' folders/directories

The App will create the 'PICTURES' and 'SOUNDS' folders/directories in your phone/tablet as part of the App initialisation. You can copy images and sounds into these folders and then they will be listed in the 'Select picture file...' and 'Select sound file ...' drop-down spinners.

These folders are located under the 'Toddler_Talk_APP' folder in your phone.

Click the '?' buttons on the Card Maintenance screen (shown above) to get the exact location of these folders.

Additional Information

There are additional webpages which contain more detail about 'Toddler Talk'. See the 'Main Menu' on the right, under the scrolling banner at the top of this webpage or use the links below.

    • Screens   -   shows all App screens and explains how they work.
    • Videos/Docs   -   videos and documentation available for this App.


  Toddler Talk  -  Video  

Click below for an introduction video for Toddler Talk. This gives you the basic concepts.


  Toddler Talk  -  Download

Click below to download Toddler Talk from Google Play. 





Possible Issues

This App works well with most phones and tablets. If however, you have an 'Economy' phone with limited RAM/memory, you MAY have trouble driving the camera within this APP.   If this is the case with your phone, you can take a photo with the camera outside the APP and move it to the 'PICTURES' folder of the APP and incorporate it into a Card by selecting it from the drop-down spinner.