Toddler Talk FREE

'Toddler Talk FREE'  is the free version of 'Toddler Talk'.

'Toddler Talk FREE'  has full functionality but limits the number of Sets and Cards that can be defined. You can update to the FULL version of 'Toddler Talk' at a later stage.

The differences between 'Toddler Talk' and 'Toddler Talk FREE' are :

Feature Toddler Talk FREE Toddler Talk
 Ads  Yes  No
 Total Sets  5 Unlimited
Supplied Sets 3 3
 User-defined Sets  2 Unlimited
 Cards per Set  8 Unlimited
 'Return' lock  Yes Yes
Volume lock Yes Yes

 Apart from the exceptions shown in the table above, 'Toddler Talk FREE' has all the functionality of 'Toddler Talk'. 

To get more detailed information on 'Toddler Talk FREE' go to the 'Toddler Talk' page and the 'Screens' page of this website, keeping in mind the limitations listed above.


Upgrading from  'Toddler Talk FREE'  to  'Toddler Talk'

If you have downloaded 'Toddler Talk FREE', used it, and find that you would like the extra features of 'Toddler Talk', you can easily upgrade. When upgrading you have the option to copy all the sets and cards from 'Toddler Talk FREE' or to use the default setup with no user-defined sets or cards. 

Upgrade process :

1.    Go to the 'Toddler Talk' site on Google Play   -

2.    Install 'Toddler Talk'.

That's it.

When you first run 'Toddler Talk' it will give you the option to copy the Sets you already have in 'Toddler Talk FREE' over to 'Toddler Talk' (once only), so you can continue on as normal.