Mi Trip - Import/Export

The Mi Trip App has the capability to Import from and Export to your computer to allow easy entry/update of data, for large or medium sized Trips.


Important Files

There are 4 files (located in the 'sdcard/Trip_APP' directory on your phone) which are important to understand

  1. 'Import_A_Trip.xml' - the file that Mi Trip expects, when an Import is initiated. 
  2. 'Exported_Trip.xml' - the file created or replaced by doing an Export.
  3. 'DEMO_Import.xml' - an example import file which shows the data required to create the '## DEMO Trip ##' (created when the App is first initialised). 
  4. 'TripsImpExp.xsd' - an XSD file to be used in conjunction with XML Editors.

Running an Import or Export in the Mi Trip App

  1. Go to the 'Trip Itinerary' screen (the main screen listing all 'Events' for a Trip).
  2. Click on the 'Functions' spinner.
  3. Scroll down to either 'IMPORT - a Trip' or 'EXPORT - this Trip'.
  4. Click the function that you want (ie. either Import or Export).
  5. Follow the prompts.
  6. When you get 3 beeps and the confirmation message, the Import or Export is finished. 

Updating an Import/Export file on your Computer

First, copy either the Export file ('Exported_Trip.xml') or the example Import file ('DEMO_Import.xml' - use it as a template) from the 'sdcard/Trip_APP' directory on your phone to the directory you wish to use on your computer. For the procedure to do this copy, you will have to refer to the user manual on your phone. For example, on a Samsung Galaxy phone you will use the Samsung software product called 'Kies'. Other phones will have different methods.
Next, make the required changes to that file.
You should make sure that the TripName is NOT the same as one of the existing Trips.
If you wish to replace an existing Trip, then you will have to DELETE the Trip in the App first, then Import the updated version.   

The preferred way of updating an Import or Export file is with an XML Editor, but you can use any editor or word processor (just save the file in Text format).

One popular and well known tool which can be used for your XML Editor is Eclipse. Eclipse is a FREE, open source tool which you can download from the internet. The videos (on this website) which demonstrate how to use the Mi Trip Import/Export features, use the Eclipse XML Editor


To use the XSD file with your XML Editor, copy it ('TripsImpExp.xsd') into the same directory, on your computer, as the Import/Export file you are updating.

The XSD file ('TripsImpExp.xsd') provides your XML Editor with the format expected in your Import/Export file. Your XML Editor will use this file to show you the XML structure expected and to validate entries as you key them in. If you use a tool other than an XML Editor then this formatting and validation will not be available.

After you have updated the file on your Computer, rename it to 'Import_A_Trip.xml' and then copy it back to the 'sdcard/Trip_APP' directory on your phone.

Lastly, do an Import from the Mi Trip App.



If you accidentally delete or corrupt either 'Import_A_Trip.xml', 'DEMO_Import.xml' or 'TripsImpExp.xsd', you can re-create the file in it's original format by doing the following.

    1. If not deleted already - delete the file from the 'sdcard/Trip_APP' directory on your phone.
    2. Exit completely from the Mi Trip App (called 'Trip' in the Task Manager list).
    3. Fire up the Mi Trip App from the icon. 

When the App starts, if the file does not exist in the directory then it will be re-created in it's original form.