Mi Recipe

This is the Home page for the Mi Recipe app within the Mi App website.

  Mi Recipe 

-  Use your device's camera and microphone to record each step of your favourite recipes.

-  Tap the screen to hear the instructions for a step, swipe the screen to go to the next step. 





Mi Recipe  allows you to easily record and playback the steps involved in your favourite recipes.

Tap the recipe you would like from the list of recipes. The first screen appears (usually a screen showing ingredients). Tap the screen to hear the details relating to this step of the recipe. Next swipe the screen to go to the next step. Again look at the visual of the second step, tap to hear the details and swipe left (next step) or right (previous step), continue on until the end.

Recording a recipe is very straight forward. While making this recipe, open the App, start a new recipe, the app will use the camera in your phone or tablet to photograph each step of the process. The app will also use the microphone to record the instructions that you want to go with each photo. 

Mi Recipe works on both Smartphones and Tablets.

At this stage, Flash Maker is only available on Android.  


    •  Comes with 30 Cards in 3 Sets (How to Use 'Mi Recipe', Slow-cooked Beef, White Chocolate Tart)
    •  Record your own recipes using the camera and microphone in your phone/tablet.
    •  Uses your own voice (or others).
    •  Use the camera to take pictures from from various points in your recipe.
    •  Use recipe images downloaded from the internet, given to you by others, etc.
    •  Create unlimited recipes
    •  Rearrange the sequence as you wish.
    •  Delete recipes if not required anynore  ddd

Displaying a Recipe

Click on a Recipe from the list of Recipes.


the visual for the first step appears.

Tap the image and the instructions for that step are heard.

Swipe left or right to go to the next or previous card.

To exit and go back to the list of sets, click either the 'Return' or 'Back' button. 


Updating Recipes

On the screen showing the list of Recipes, click one of the the 'Edit' buttons to alter that Recipe. You can then  -

  • update the sequence of steps
  • create, delete or modify steps
  • see at a glance, the sequence of steps within each Recipe


Go to the other pages in this website which explain this in more detail.  

Creating each step in a Recipe

You can create as many steps in a Recipe as you want, with content that suits your particular needs.

You can either use the camera and/or microphone of your phone/tablet or you can load images and/or sounds that you have gathered outside this App.

If you are using existing images or sounds these need to be loaded into the 'PICTURES' or 'SOUNDS' folders/directories which get created as part of the app installation (click the ? buttons to find where the folders are). You can then select the image/sound from the drop-down spinners as part of the Step creation process.


Go to the other pages in this website which explain this in more detail.


'PICTURES' and 'SOUNDS' folders/directories

The App will create the 'PICTURES' and 'SOUNDS' folders/directories in your phone/tablet as part of the App initialisation. You can copy images and sounds into these folders and then they will be listed in the 'Select picture file...' and 'Select sound file ...' drop-down spinners.

These folders are located under the 'Mi_Recipe_APP' folder in your phone.

Click the '?' buttons on the Card Maintenance screen (shown above) to give you the exact location of these folders.

Additional Information

There are additional webpages which contain more detail about 'Mi Recipe'. See the 'Main Menu' on the right, under the scrolling banner at the top of this webpage or use the links below.

    • Screens   -   shows all App screens and explains how they work.
    • Videos/Docs   -   videos and documentation available for this App.


 Mi Recipe  -  Download

Click below to download Mi Recipe from Google Play. 




Possible Issues

This App works well with most phones and tablets. If however, you have an 'Economy' phone with limited RAM/memory, you MAY have trouble driving the camera from within this APP.   If this is the case with your phone, you can take a photo with the camera outside the APP and move it to the 'PICTURES' folder of the APP and incorporate it into a Recipe by selecting it from the drop-down spinner.